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About Us

About Us

Our Website offers you Complete Pet Grooming Service that comes to your doorstep and professionally grooms your pet. Our Groomer Comes with all the Modern tools we need to fully service your pet’s grooming requirements.

We offer a luxury bath and trim service right at your door, with emphasis on the health, safety, and comfort of your pet.

We have skilled, certified Pet Groomers to accommodate you and your pet’s care

Benefits of hiring Pets home Grooming

Brushing your dog’s teeth prevents all kinds of unpleasant health problems that have nothing to do with dog breath… like heart, liver and kidney disease.

  • We come to YOUR home or office- so convenient!
  • So much less stress for both you and your pet
  • No exposure to other animals, diseases or parasites
  • Personal one on one care and attention
  • No cages
  • Warm hand air drying, NO CAGE DRYING
  • Sanitary, safe and healthy environment
  • No tranquilizers used
  • Services are done in about an hour
  • Perfect for cats, senior pets and puppies…ANY pet, ANY age, loves it!

Tips for pet grooming

Brush your dog’s coat regularly: No matter what breed it is, brushing your dog’s fur regularly helps to keep their coat neat, clean, shiny, and glossy. The amount of brushing depends on the length and texture of your dog’s coat. Dogs with long hair like golden retrievers and collies need frequent brushing, at least once a week. On the other hand, dogs with short hair like Labradors and greyhounds can be brushed every other week. Regularly brushing longhaired dogs helps to prevent matting from becoming a major issue like skin irritation, severe pain, skin infections, or an abscess. Similarly, brushing shorthaired dogs helps to get rid of dirt, dander, and loose hair from the dog’s coat.

Trim your dog’s hair carefully: Pet owners can trim their dog’s overgrown hair around their eyes and paws carefully in between professional grooming. Trimming the overgrown hair around the eyes helps to prevent vision blockage and irritation in the eyes. Before trimming the hair, make sure to calm your pet. Be careful while using scissor blades near the skin to avoid hurting your pet.

Trim your dog’s nails safely: Long nails can create discomfort among your pets. So, if you hear them clicking on the floors while walking, then it’s the right time to trim your dog’s nails. One important thing to note here is that it takes a lot of patience to trim your dog’s nails.

Check your dog’s ears for any infection: Ear infection can be very painful for dogs. Make sure to check your pet’s ears closely while grooming them. Any unusual signs like moist or inflamed ears, odd ear smell, a different kind of discharge than usual

Evening AND weekend appointments
You’re welcTips for pet grooming ome to stay with your pet to eliminate separation anxiety
Bonded & Insured – we can groom your pet while you’re out of town!
No inconvenient pick-up or drop off times. We come to YOU!